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Personal Finance Daily: 1 in 3 people say they overspent on travel rewards credit cards to earn sign-up bonuses and this is the No. 1 complaint against U.S. airlines


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‘I love Tucson. It’s a progressive place in a red state’: But I want to be near my daughter in Brooklyn. Should I sell my home and buy in New York — or rent?

‘I’d like to be a snowbird.’ Read More

1 in 3 people say they overspent on travel rewards credit cards to earn sign-up bonuses

As travel costs spiked amid record inflation, some people have tried to save money with credit card sign-up bonuses — and spent more than they could afford Read More

Some Florida families are getting one-off $450 checks to help offset inflation costs — and it’s not the only state offering such payments

But Florida isn’t the only state sending out direct assistance. Read More

Flying this summer? This is currently the No. 1 complaint against U.S. airlines

The Federal Aviation Administration and a trade group representing airlines are at odds over the reason for the rise in flight cancellations and delays Read More

Nearly 25% of first-time homebuyers open a new credit card when they close on a home. Why that could be a really bad idea.

The study by and Experian found that within six months of closing, a quarter of homebuyers were eager to open a new line of credit. Read More

‘I call his kids spoiled. He gets mad’: My partner and I each have two children. He gives his kids gifts worth $1,000. I say we should cut that to $100. Who’s right?

‘How can we tell the kids they should not meddle with adult issues, especially when it comes to money?’ Read More

Does ‘last hired, first fired’ still hold true? What to know if you’ve just landed a new job as recession talk gets louder

‘Recessions are often a way that employers try to strengthen themselves for the future,’ says one expert. Read More

How this high-school teacher got her student loans forgiven after paying for decades

More than 128,000 borrowers have seen a collective $8 billion in loan debt forgiven through a temporary waiver in the PSLF program—but it expires Oct. 31. Read More

What do EV buyers want? Rebates, not tax credits, even if it’s less money.

A recent study found that the average car buyer would be happier with cash up front, even if the value was lower. Read More

Financial aid applications are up: Could it be a positive sign for struggling college enrollment?

It’s a welcome sign for those who fear pandemic-fueled enrollment declines will be permanent. Read More

Walmart warning sends stock price plunging, renews retail worries

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