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Personal Finance Daily: Is the housing market in a recession? Here’s what economists are saying and mortgage rates fluctuate, fall slightly on the back of the Fed’s rate hike


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Is the housing market in a recession? Here’s what economists are saying

Economists are divided over whether to say the housing market’s in a recession. But they all agree that the slowdown has been dramatic. Read More

‘Nobody wants to work anymore’ has been said for 100 years. It wasn’t true then, and it isn’t true now.

A viral Twitter thread shows people have complained ‘nobody wants to work’ for decades, but data tells another story. Read More

Mulling an EV? A first-ever $4,000 tax incentive for used electric vehicles is part of Manchin’s compromise

With Sen. Manchin’s climate-spending and tax-incentive compromise, here’s what Tesla, Ford and other buyers of new and pre-owned electric vehicles need to know. Read More

‘Purchase demand continues to tumble’: Mortgage rates fluctuate, fall slightly on the back of the Fed’s rate hike

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 5.3% for the week ending July 28, according to data released by Freddie Mac on Thursday. Read More

These days, a trip to Europe could be a better bargain than you think

Flying to Europe this year might sound as absurd as opting for premium gasoline. With prices this high, is it really the right time to splurge? Read More

5 features we wish every new car had

Most car buyers would gladly trade features like automatic parking and double-digit USB ports for a few easy-to-add convenience features. Read More

Bad news for borrowers: The ‘terminal rate’ — the peak of the Fed’s interest-rate cycle — may still be quite far off

The Fed delivered a widely-expected 75 basis-point increase to a key benchmark on Wednesday. Read More

Should I try to sell my house in this market, or keep it and rent it out?

You have options, but understand the tax implications first. Read More

What does FX’s acclaimed ‘The Bear’ really teach us? Skip Chicago’s overhyped deep dish for a beef and giardiniera.

Chicagoans are hopeful that buzzy streamer “The Bear” may once and for all 86 a touristy obsession with deep-dish pizza as the city’s culinary must. Read More

Home prices are being slashed in these 10 cities as real-estate market cools

Home sellers slashed prices in June in areas that were red-hot earlier in the pandemic, according to Read More

Denver natural gas giant’s profits skyrocket

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