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USD/ZAR: Choosing Resistance Today Could Be Useful Strategy – 16 August 2022

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The USD/ZAR is trading politely within a rather intriguing five day range and resistance up above could prove a useful strategy for wagers.

The USD/ZAR moved higher yesterday and has seen its value consolidate over the past handful of hours. As of this writing the USD/ZAR currency pair is near the 16.42000 ratio with the typical amount of give and take within its traded value. Intriguingly the USD/ZAR hit the 16.46350 ratio earlier this morning and this resistance level held and pushed the Forex pair a bit lower. This mark was tested a bit yesterday, but before that the last time the value was hit was on the 10th of August.


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Technical Range of USD/ZAR could prove Enticing for Short Term Speculators

On the 10th of August the USD/ZAR did manage to hit the 16.63000 mark before reversing lower. Later on the 10th of August the USD/ZAR suddenly found itself trading near the 16.11000 mark, which it went on to test essentially on the 11th and 12th again. The climb higher yesterday was incremental, but the fact that a strong retest of the lows from last week has not happened is interesting. Short term speculators may find technical charts attractive if they believe the USD/ZAR is traversing too high.

Quick Hitting Targeted Trading for those who use Risk Taking Tactics Astutely in the USD/ZAR

Resistance above near the 16.50000 region may prove to be an interesting target. Depending on the trading strategy, this level could be used as a potential stop loss for those who think the USD/ZAR will start to trade lower. Or it could prove a rather distant take profit goal for those who believe the USD/ZAR is capable of trading higher, but will then run out of steam.

Range trading should be expected in the near term. Resistance levels of 16.51000 to 16.60000 may prove to be worthwhile targets to be used for traders wanting to wager.If a new round of selling breaks out in the USD/ZAR it would not be a surprise to see the 16.37000 mark become vulnerable and a potential move lower to the 16.28000 ratio.

Short term traders may have a rather comfortable window to trade near term. While economic data could certainly shake the global market with a lightning strike regarding news, it also may stay relatively quiet for the USD/ZAR this week. This trading range may be able to be taken advantage of by selling near perceived resistance, for quick hitting short term wagers which use take profit orders effectively.

USD/ZAR Short-Term Outlook

Current Resistance: 16.44900

Current Support: 16.38600

High Target: 16.52100

Low Target: 16.27700

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